Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

- Nokia Tool
added: support for Windows Phone 7 platform
       allow normal flashing (Refurbish) and dead mode flashing(Recovery)
       for recovery please select "Nokia DLOAD (Recovery) in connection list
       the drivers located to "data\drivers\nokia\wp"
added: esco file handling
bugfix: FBUS protocol bug with Symbian Belle
updated sl3bf to version 3.7
   added: support for oclHashcat-lite-0.09
   minor bug fixed + improvements
added: HTI OTP ID displayed on connect
added: flash update version ""
bugfix: Rapido Usb "FUR Cold Boot" bug
bugfix: BB5 Usb FUR control bug
bugfix: Write local RFBB definitions(*.pm) bug

- BlackBerry Tool
added: unlock by PRD function
       allow to select PRD instead of MEP (usefull for MEP-LOADED or hidden MEP) for unlock calc
minor bugfix

added to setup HTI Misc Tool (htic.exe)
for now, it has features:
   Imei analyst: Used to analysis IMEI/TAC number      
   iPhone/iPad Serial number analysis  

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