Rabu, 26 September 2012

zZKey update zZ_QCOM v0.4 All Huawei Modems IMEI repair & more
You still not have zZKey? Now we working Hard in zZ_QCOM module, we will release soon more exclusive things! It’s time to buy 1 zZKey

What News:

Huawei/Vodafone Modems
- All old, new and customized firmware supported.
- Calc NCK & Flash Code
- Direct Unlock
- Reset Counter (EXCLUSIVE)
- IMEI Repair (EXCLUSIVE) First in the World repair via usb fast method. (No Jtag, No patch)
- Voice Feature Enabled
- Read/Write Security Backup

The change IMEI option has been created by our zZ-Team only with the objective of restablishing the original imei.
Any illegal use with the IMEI, changes or modifications of the original IMEI, are on their own responsibility. Our zZ-Team no assumes responsibility to misuse of this software.

zZKey_Suite_v1.0.1 fixed

For slow connection:
Update dongle with last UpdateCenter v0.2 is required. Old UpdateCenter version stop working.
Some test report:

It’s Time to Fly
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