Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

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The wonderful "Windows 7X V.2" Very fast , light
version are based on the service package third / SP3

Are fast and beautiful design and different
Plus the latest updates for the month 4 and the latest drivers
Disabled and plus the original Onica not required during Terracing

Add sata definitions to Laptop work was trial and successfully
Became the fastest version of the past and each time he enters the Windows
Licked powerful computer security following temp & Prefetch
Which is the main reason for the slow setups so primitive your business quickly
Besides Elly features the first release and more discover for yourself
A new form of copy and completely different from the previous

IE 7 With Update
WMP 11 Full
K-Lite Full Codec pack
Any Video Converter Pro
Photo Shop CS3 Lite
Dot.Net FramWork AIO
Tune Up Utilities
Foxit Reader
Winrar 4.00 Final
Java RunTime Envirenmint 6 Update 24
Mozilla FireFox 12 Final
InterNet Download Manager
Yahoo Messenger 11 Full
Opera 11.10 Build 2092 Final
AdobeRuntime AIO April

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Download  Windows XP SP3 7X V.2 + SATA Drivers 2012 Torrent
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