Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

 Problem : Dead
 Log Flash MxKey

MXKEY [MxKey Team HTI Flasher Interface (WinUSB) 3], SN: C0602XXX
Using device: HTI, FW ver: 00.50, SN: 00014XXX
Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB:HUB:USB 2.00 (Full-speed)
Driver: WinUSB, ver:
Module ver:, Library ver:
Device synchronized.
 Using embedded SBL from MCU.
Sending EBL Loader ...OK

Sending EBL ...OK
Getting EBL Version ...
 Boot mode: 0xCC
 EBL version major/minor: 10.19
 EBL version: Default_RAM_Bootloader
Set baud rate to: 921.60 Kbit/s
Flash ID: 0020 88C0 - 23280003 [ST M58MWR064FU,64 Mbits]
CFI information:
 Flash settings: 0/1, size: 0x00800000
 2 Block regions:
  127 x 0x00010000 = 0x007F0000
  8 x 0x00002000 = 0x00010000
EBL ready !
Processing file: rm647_006.200
 Downloading item CODE:hw_b2_rm647_r06.200.fls, num block: 3, size: 3.99 MB
Erasing area 0x00800000-0x00A0FFFE ...OK
Programming completed in 36.750 s
Erasing area 0x00C60000-0x00E4D5BE ...OK
Programming completed in 33.813 s
Erasing area 0x00FFC000-0x00FFC03E ...OK
Programming completed in 0.141 s
Error reading checksum!
Processing file: rm647_006.20me
 Downloading item CUST:hw_b2_rm647_006.20me.fls, num block: 1, size: 1.12 MB
Erasing area 0x00210000-0x0032CBBE ...OK
Programming completed in 15.875 s
Checksum mismatch: Phone calculated 0x0033, software calculated 0x8688
Processing file: rm6470_nai06.20me
 Downloading item CUST:hw_b2_rm6470_nai06.20me.fls, num block: 1, size: 305.83 KB
Erasing area 0x00EB0000-0x00EFBA3E ...OK
Programming completed in 4.265 s
Checksum mismatch: Phone calculated 0x00F0, software calculated 0x32C1
Total time for flashing process(boot+erase+write) was 2 min 48.703 s
 How To Solve
1.Rehot Flash IC and CPU then flash if same
2.Shake CPU carefully then flash
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