Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

 Update MTK Android Imei change

as you guys know now in these days mtk android phones comings with 4.0.4 ver. after imei repair software says imei repaired but in phone still old imei. for that we make some thing for it and it's under BETA. for these type of phones you can use "Android Beta" in "mtk" tab which you can see after imei option enable with ALT+CTRL+i !! method is same just you have to ROOT your phone. as Root done you can repair imei from "Android Beta". we are waiting for your test reports...
if some one can send us such phone which have mtk chip with 4.0.4 firmware inside and imei can't repair please send me PM.

    Added MTK direct Password analysis,which solves MT6251/MT6250D/MT625A/MT6255 Find Password

    Optimize MT625A Write Flash

    Optimize MT6250DA Write Flash

    Optimize SPD Imei Change
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